BFF life time friends

      It was a very clear day.The clouds are white at the juice net cafe.It was very busy. people were going in and out. bell went in and some boy came up to her and said,”my name is will.”bell said,”I really have to go.” said bell “wait ” said will

   Three months later, bell called will. bell said,” hey” then will said,” Hey” back. bell said  “meet me at the beach,will said ok bye.”

   The next day bell met will at the beach.” I have a secret.” bell said, “what is it?” said will.Bell went in the water and she turned a mermaid, she said this is my secret.”you have to keep this secret.” she said will said, “yes I will.”

Bell went to the juice net cafe. to rehearse with the  band.Bell said “we have a gig tonight.” After the gig bell went home. she was tired.Bell shut her eyes,and then all you heard was her phone ringing she answered the phone and it was will. will said, “good night.” bell said, It back. they both went to sleep.