Best Trip Ever

It was a nice breezy morning. Me and my dad were going to St. Simons Island. We had started off early because the drive is 5 hours long. In the start of the ride I was already annoyed by my dad because he kept on telling weird jokes. Now it was nighttime and there was heat lightning! We hurried to a hotel for the night.

The next morning was beautiful! We had left around noon. We needed to drive about 2 more hours which isn’t bad. Soon enough, we were there! Me and my dad were checking into the hotel. The hotel was called King & Prince. While he did that, I was in the hotel shop, begging for a candy bar.

After my dad checked us in, we went to our room. I looked at the view and it was amazing! I said, “Can we go to the pool?” Dad said,”Maybe later because I have a meeting to go to tonight.” While I was waiting for the meeting to start, I was looking at all of the other kids by the pool having fun. When it was around 5:00 I said to my dad if I could stay in the hotel room while he went to the meeting. He said yes.

I was waiting even longer for my dad to get back. After a little while, I heard a knock on the door. I said,”Who is it?” I heard a voice say,”It’s me.” I recognized the voice so I let him in. It was my dad! I said,”Can we go to the pool?” He said,”Not today because it is to late. We will go to the pool first thing tomorrow.”  My dad said,”We can go to the pool now, so go get your bathing suit on.”I got my bathing suit on and we went straight down to the pool.

When we got to the pool I said,”Can I get a mango smotthie?” While my dad got me a mango smotthie, I was jumping jn the pool over and over. I got my smotthie and I drank it very fast because it was amazing!

After I was done in the pool, we went up to the room to get ready for the party tonight. I said that I was going to wear a sailor dress with higheels.

When we were at the party, I told my dad if I could explore around the hotel. He said,”Yes.” So I started off and I had a lot of fun while he was having fun too.

After a while I went to look for my dad. I couldn’t find him! I was worried. But then I found him by the dip bowl. I was so relieved. After the party we went to our room and I went to bed.It was the next morning. We were up and ready to go to the lighthouse. We were at the lighthouse and it looked huge. We started off and it was really hot. We were already at the to and it was so breezy.

After we got down, we went to a restaurant  called “Barbra Jeans.” It was the best place to get crab soup. I got a whole bowl of it because I was tired of climbing up and down the lighthouse.

We got back to the hotel room and I was getting ready to go to dinner tonight. We were going to a restaurant called “Crab Daddy’s.” It was a great seafood place. I was gonna wear a pink and black dress with a cover up.

When we were at Crab Daddy’s  and I said if I could get a Shirley Temple. My dad said,”When we get seated, I will get you one.” So I waited until we got seated.

Finally Somebody came and seated us. I said again if I could get a Shirley Temple. My dad said,”Yes.” So while I was waiting for my Shirley Temple, I looked at the menu. I said,”I want Scallops with Broccoli.”

When my food came out it smelled amazing! I also got my Shirley Temple. I ate it so fast because it was amazing. After that I got to get dessert! I got a chocolate fudge brownie with whip cream and ice cream. It was amazing!

The next morning, Me and my dad were going to get breakfast from the lobby. I got a waffle with blueberry and strawberry syrup. My dad got eggs with bacon and toast. After that, I wanted to go to the pool and swim for a little bit. So I got in my bathing suit and we went down to the pool. When we were at the pool, I kept on jumping in.

I dried off after being in the pool for an hour. We went to the room and my dad reminded me about the big party tonight. I was so excited that the party was tonight! I said,” I’m gonna get ready now, and I’m gonna wear q long flower dress with pretty white high heels. I hurried to get ready because the party started in an hour.

When me and my dad were ready to go, we hurried down to the lobby. My dad had to drop me off at the children program while he got to hangout with friend and eat good food. I was sad and happy at the same time. So I walked in and I was very shy at first.

There were 2 other girls there and I walked up to them and said,”I like your outfit.” They said,”Thank you. I like yours to.” When it was time to eat, I sat with the 2 girls. I said to them,”What are your names?” One said, “Josie.”The other said,”Emily.”

After a while we started to get along and we have a great time playing all of the games like red light green light,charades, and musical chairs.

When my dad came to pick me up, I was really sad to leave my friends. I hoped I would see them again because I was going  down to the casino early.

After a while I saw my friends! They saw me too. I ran up to them and we played with each other for the rest of the time. My dad was also having fun with his friends.

The  casino was less filled and I was getting tired.My friends were getting tired too. So my dad bought me a candy bar and I went to the room. When I got to the room, I fell straight asleep.

The next morning was the day I was leaving. I was really sad when we started to pack the car. We started our drive back to our house which I was kind of happy about because I haven’t been at my house in a while. So I think St. Simons Island was the best trip ever!