swoosh” went the basketball when jeramiah  shot it.”i wanna do that said zak.”hey jeramiah how are you doing?.” asked zak.         then will came over .we have been friends for a year now.jeramiah was wearing blue jeans)red shirt)red shoes and a hat. will was wearing blue shorts) green tshirt)black shoes. zak was wearing grey shoes)black shorts)green shirt             we were shooting hoops)playing game)and challenges jeramiah dunked the ball so hard it fell over.but didn’t break i shot the  ball and it did not go in.                     we went inside to play playstation and we played for two hours i won against will will won against jeramiah won against me              then it was night .we had a sleep over we had candy it was a blast.                  the next morning i went back outside and they had all this stuff .like new basketballs and stuff like that. we had a great day.and i was great at shooting hoops.we got on the trampoline which has no net and i fell of and hit  my head on a rock. and had to go to the emergency room. but i just needed to put ice on it then we watched a movie and had popcorn.            then we had a nerf war.It was an eventfull weekend