Chicken Nuggets

    One day this chicken had three eggs, one was very small, one was big, one was normal. The small one hatcheted  last, the big one hatched first, the normal one hatched second, the small one hatched last.

    Then when the mama chicken went to go get food, the baby chickens got stolen by the farmer. Then the farmer Ed took the baby chickens to Mcdonald’s so he could get money from Mcdonald’s. The mama chicken noticed they were gone, she went to ask the farmer where they were he said, ” I gave them to Mcdonald’s it don’t matter you can have more, right? Yes but I want my chicks, they were special. I liked them better than my other ones. They will probably be better than any chicks I ever have! I will  get them. The mama chicken ran to Mcdonald’s, she got the babies they were chicken nuggets. She still loved them. and they lived happily ever after.

                           The End