Writing Workshop: Hit the Bullseye!

Contact Person: Gretchen Hollingsworth

Dates / Times: 2/15/17 9:45AM

Location: Russell Middle School RM 1.627

Target Audience: ELA Teachers Grades 3-12

Minimum Number of Participants: 1

Maximum Number of Participants: 10

Description: In this Joint Productive Activity (JPA), students will collaborate to deconstruct a written response to a writing prompt. They will then rate the response’s accuracy in “hitting the bullseye” of the writing prompt by identifying the minimum requirements of the prompt and evaluating the response’s contents, providing evidence to support their ratings. This activity is based in part on the research presented in Kapinus’s (2014) “Preparing Students in Writing Responses to Open-Ended Questions.”

Kapinus, Barbara. “Preparing Students in Writing Responses to Open-Ended Questions.”Text Matters 3.1 (2014): n. pag. Www.textproject.org/text-matters. TextProject, Inc. Web.

Required Materials / Technology: Copies of the written response for all students, copies of the writing prompt for all students, copies of verbs handout for all students

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