Because of Mr. Terupt Vocabulary #4

This quiz will be given on Friday, November 2nd. Make sure to study nightly! 😎

  • genuine– adjective- honest and open- She was genuine when she told him she was sorry.
  • adjourn– verb- to delay or interrupt something- The class was adjourned when the ceiling started to leak.
  • tentatively– adverb- to go about a task with caution- The hikers tentatively stepped over the log, hoping there wasn’t a snake hiding underneath.
  • colleagues– noun- people with whom one works- The doctor and her colleagues solved the difficult medical case and saved a man’s life.
  • inoculate– verb- to inject- The nurse inoculated me with a flu shot.
  • resolve– verb- to make up one’s mind to do something- I resolved to get better grades in math this quarter by studying every night.
  • trance– noun- a dream-like state in which one is not paying attention- Billy was in a trance during class because he didn’t get much sleep the night before.
  • loomed– verb- to appear or be revealed- The huge bear loomed in the distance, so we ran.
  • clamor– verb- to call out or shout, usually negative- The crowd clamored when the band came out on stage an hour late.
  • seize– verb- to take control over- He seized the opportunity to be first in line for popcorn.


Vocabulary Words- Quiz #3

Because of Mr. Terupt Vocabulary #3- Quiz on Friday, 9/14

  • antics– noun- playful or funny actions
  • outwit– verb- to get the better of by using one’s wits or by being more clever; outsmart
  • shenanigans– noun- a funny prank or other action
  • tolerate– verb- to allow or accept
  • eavesdrop– verb- to listen in on a conversation without others knowing
  • infamous– adjective- having a bad reputation; being known a negative way
  • gawk– verb- to look at someone or something intensely or idiotically
  • pursue– verb- to go after something
  • interact– verb- to respond to one another in a social situation
  • bluntness– noun- harsh honesty

Animal Inferences

Directions: Look at the pictures below. Answer the question that goes with each picture. Record the answer on a clean sheet of notebook paper in your Language Arts notebook. Title the paper “Animal Inferences”. Make sure to write using complete sentences and correct conventions.

  1. Why do you think the dog made a mess?

Image result for inference pictures for kids

2. How is the yellow duck feeling? Why do you think it’s feeling that way?

Image result for inference pictures for kids

3. Why is this dog in a library? (Be realistic.)

Image result for inference pictures for kids

4. How does the boy feel about his dog? How does the dog feel about the boy? How can you tell?

Image result for inference pictures for kids

5. What can you infer from this scene?

Image result for bear stealing fish

Because of Mr. Terupt- Vocabulary #1

Your vocabulary words are listed below. The quiz will be on Friday, August 17th. Don’t forget to practice your flashcards!

***You can create online flashcards at

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– Type in the word and definition. You can even copy and paste from here!

  • glance– a quick or hurried look – I glanced at the secretary one last time.- Jessica
  • observer– a person who notices and studies his/her surroundings- I’m a good observer; I notice things.- Anna
  • multitasking-doing more than one thing at once- A red-haired woman who proved to be exceptional at multitasking greeted us.- Jessica
  • concoction– a mixture of various ingredients- Mr. T let us feed our plants any concoction we wanted.- Peter
  • advantage– to put in a better position- Danielle lives on a farm, so she had a big advantage.- Peter
  • manipulate– to control or influence a person or situation- Mr. Terupt told us to manipulate the plant’s nourishment.- Luke
  • ostracize– to leave someone out- My mom was ostracized once; nobody wanted to be friends with her.- Anna
  • hesitation– the action of waiting- I think he saw my hesitation. – Anna
  • shunned– to keep away from something or someone because of dislike- Even her own parents shunned– Anna
  • exceptional– unusually good; outstanding- A red-haired woman who proved to be exceptional at multitasking greeted us.- Jessica