Because of Mr. Terupt Vocabulary #4

This quiz will be given on Friday, November 2nd. Make sure to study nightly! 😎

  • genuine– adjective- honest and open- She was genuine when she told him she was sorry.
  • adjourn– verb- to delay or interrupt something- The class was adjourned when the ceiling started to leak.
  • tentatively– adverb- to go about a task with caution- The hikers tentatively stepped over the log, hoping there wasn’t a snake hiding underneath.
  • colleagues– noun- people with whom one works- The doctor and her colleagues solved the difficult medical case and saved a man’s life.
  • inoculate– verb- to inject- The nurse inoculated me with a flu shot.
  • resolve– verb- to make up one’s mind to do something- I resolved to get better grades in math this quarter by studying every night.
  • trance– noun- a dream-like state in which one is not paying attention- Billy was in a trance during class because he didn’t get much sleep the night before.
  • loomed– verb- to appear or be revealed- The huge bear loomed in the distance, so we ran.
  • clamor– verb- to call out or shout, usually negative- The crowd clamored when the band came out on stage an hour late.
  • seize– verb- to take control over- He seized the opportunity to be first in line for popcorn.


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