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Angelina, Mrs. Wright,Ebony,Alexis,Mrs.Wright's mom
One day, Mrs.Wright took  Angelina  on a girls shopping trip . We went to Belk, but we  didn't buy no clothes because none of the clothes will not fit on Angelina and Mrs.Wright said, "That looking pretty." Angelina said, "Thank you!"  We (More)
Do you  think kids should wear unforms ? I think kids should not wear nuiforws  .I think  this becase   it will  be hard  to wash in  one night . IT will be ot much money  to buy it. Student choose wath they wear.  First it  will be hard  (More)
you  will leanr about dolphins . you will leanr  wath they eat where they live and how big they  are . i hope you enjoy ! where do the  live? they  live closeto the  ocenns  in all the ocenns  planet.  they  live in fresh wather  rivers of (More)