GALILEO is pleased to announce the availability of Speakaboos for Georgia’s Public K-12 campuses. For now, this resource will only be authenticated by GALILEO via IP address at school/on campus, however, if you register and create a userid and password at start-up you can then download and use the mobile app (for Android or iOS) or login from
If you do not wish to create an account, then simply click “continue as a guest” to proceed to the interactive content page.

What is Speakaboos?

“Speakaboos is a growing library of 200+ stories and songs; both fiction and nonfiction, presented in categories that kids told us represent their interests: princesses, robots, vehicles, monsters, and more.”  The focus for Speakaboos content is PreK-2nd Grade.
To learn more about Speakaboos methodology and educational philosophy, visit their web page.

How do you Access Speakaboos via GALILEO?

There are several ways K-12 librarians and teachers may access Speakaboos via GALILEO in your library/school:
  • Go to the “Databases A-Z” list, choose “S” then choose Speakaboos from the list.
  • From the Kids/Elementary GALILEO site, use the Speakaboos graphic listed on the main page.
  • Use the Speakaboos Express Link
You may also create your own Speakaboos account for app and at home access.
If you have questions or if you experience any technical issues when using Speakaboos, please submit them to GALILEO Support Services via the Contact Us form on the GALILEO web page​.

How do you get Around in Speakaboos?

Navigation in Speakaboos is straightforward. Simply click on an area of interest (space, classics, on the bus, etc.) to access content. To access the “Grownups” page (to search, including by lexile level) at any time, click and hold the icon at the top right of the interactive content screen.
Speakaboos is offered on a trial basis, and that trial will end in June 2018.