We will use this website to blog and comment on various topics to meet the WBHS writing standard for this class.

What should I consider when writing a blog post?

  1.       Be Mindful: Think before you post.
  2.       Be Literate: Proof before posting.
  3.       Be Respectful: Publicize don’t criticize.
  4.       Be Safe: The Internet is not a private place.
  5.       Be Responsible: Give credit where credit is due.
  6.       Be Appropriate: The Internet is permanent.
  7.       Be Courteous: Mind your manners.
  8.       Be Competent: Write a Quality Comment.

What should I consider when leaving a quality comment?

  1.       Compliment the writer in a specific way.
  2.       Make a connection.
  3.       Add new information.
  4.       End with a connection.
  5.       Proofread your comment and use proper grammar skills.