Math Fact Fluency…Revisited

Math fact fluency is very important for student achievement in math and it is a standard in 3rd grade.  The standard states that 3rd grade students should fluently multiply and divide within 100 and by the end of Grade 3, know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.  The 2nd grade standard states that students should be able to fluently add and subtract within 100.  By the time our students finish 3rd grade, we want to be sure they are fluent in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.


To help students master their math facts, we use the Reflex math fact fluency online program.  We use this fun program instead of just using worksheets or flash cards.  All students will have log in information for Reflex in their agenda binders.  To use Reflex, students go to or open the free Reflex math app on an iPad.  They enter “smasters” as the username and then click on their class name.  After clicking on their name, they enter their password.  Parents can sign up for a parent reporting account by going to  Follow the onscreen instructions to easily set up your account.  This will allow you monitor your child’s math fact fluency progress.  (You will need your child’s password to access this.)

Usage is important for success with Reflex.  (Three days of usage is good but four days is better!)  Any help you can provide by encouraging your child to use Reflex at home will be appreciated.

Math Masters

The Math Masters fact incentive program has been used at Holsenbeck for many years, but we have made some changes this year. This year, awards will be given in recognition of the student’s fluency in Reflex.

Math Master level: 50% fluent with addition and subtraction facts
Math Mentor level: 100% fluent with addition and subtraction facts
Math Wizard level: 50% fluent with multiplication and division facts
Math Genius level: 100% fluent with multiplication and division facts

These awards will be recognized at awards celebrations.

1st Quarter 2016

I’m sorry this post is a little bit late, but I don’t think it’s ever too late to look back at all the fun and learning of the year.

Besides the state standards for third grade, we also focus on 21st century skills in my classroom such as collaboration and appropriate technology use. Here are some examples of students using technology and working collaboratively. Visit our class website or Seesaw to see some of the finished products!

My students have also been forming great relationships with their kindergarten reading buddies in Mrs. King’s class. They read together at least once a month, and Mrs. King’s class has visited our class to see our finished projects.

After learning about Ancient Greece in Social Studies, we moved on to studying heat in Science. Mrs. Mauney, our student teacher, conducted multiple experiments as students investigated how thermal energy moves. In these pictures, students are collecting data on how solar radiation and different colors affect temperature.

Finally, we began a Pollution Solution Project-Based Learning Unit. As our entry event, students collected data on the litter and pollution on our school campus. This trash bag contains all the litter they found on the playground!

A New Year

IMG_6001_OpenHouse2015Welcome to Ms. Masters’s Class! I’m so excited about the new school year and my new group of students. After our first week of school, we are starting to get into our schedule and routines. I hope parents and students will find this blog to be both a helpful resource and a great way to stay connected with the events in our classroom and at our school. Many of the resources parents might like to access were posted on the blog last year. There are helpful links in the menu at the top of each page. There are also some old posts that have some important information. Here are some posts to check out:

I will use the blog, email, and Remind to share information electronically with parents this year. You can subscribe to updates to this blog by submitting your email address on the home page. Of course if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email me, call the school, or send a note to the school. I know we’re going to have a great year!

-Ms. Masters

3rd Grade Words of Wisdom

2014-2015 Pic Collage

This week, I asked my students to write their “3rd Grade Words of Wisdom” using this end-of-the-year writing activity from Lucky Little Learners. Here are their responses:

In 3rd grade you will learn…

  • about historical figures/ famous Americans
  • a lot
  • multiplication and division
  • about presidents
  • to write in cursive
  • to do Math Masters
  • wisdom

Our teacher loves it when…

  • we pay attention in class
  • we listen quietly
  • we are very good
  • we work hard
  • I get 100 AR points
  • we all bring our spelling list to school for our spelling test
  • we follow directions
  • we work quietly
  • we work or play together

My favorite part about 3rd grade is…

  • doing cool crafts in SCOPE
  • playing dodgeball at recess
  • the last week of school and party
  • meeting new friends
  • learning
  • the AR 100+ point party
  • doing book rotations
  • drinking milk at breakfast
  • getting awards for passing Math Masters levels
  • playing on the keyboards in music
  • playing outside at recess
  • eating pizza at lunch
  • reading and Daily 5
  • seeing my friends

Reading Parade and Character Dress Up 2014


This Friday (August 22nd) is the Reading Parade at Holsenbeck!
Students can dress up as a favorite character, and each student will give a character presentation.  Students began working on their presentations today.  Here’s a copy of the directions.

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Students will present “wax museum” style.  This means they don’t have to present to the entire class at once, and they don’t have to interact with their audience.  Students will stand around the classroom like wax statues in a museum until someone presses their “on” button to begin speaking.  We will practice this at school so students will feel comfortable doing it on Friday.