First Week of School 2018

We had a busy first week of school! Read on to find out what we did this week!

It was a fantastic first day of school!

During the first week of school we started Daily 5. (To learn more about what Daily 5 is, visit the ELA page of the HES Third Grade Website.)

Students practiced Read to Self.

They learned how to pick out “Good Fit Books.”

Students also decorated their writing journals and practiced Work on Writing.

In math, students reviewed place value by using base-ten manipulatives and playing fun games. They also learned about rounding numbers on a number line when we drew a number line with chalk on the sidewalk. (To learn more about math in third grade, visit the math page of the HES Third Grade Website.)

Even inside recess on rainy days can be fun when you get to hang out with your friends!


A New Year

I’m so excited about the new school year! It takes a lot of work to take the classroom

from this…

…to this,

but it is worth it! It will be such a wonderful learning environment for my class. I can’t wait to meet my new students at Open House in the morning! I know we’re going to have a great year!

Fun Fall Days

I enjoyed looking back at these fun pictures from autumn of 2017. I hope you will too!

On the 50th Day of School, we enjoyed dressing in 1950s clothing.

During Red Ribbon Week, students had fun themed days:

“Teaming Up Against Drugs”


Our students have bright futures! During this week dressed as their future careers:

Every year 3rd grade students in Barrow County schools get their own dictionary. Dictionary delivery day is always fun!

In November we went on a field trip to Stone Mountain for the Native American Pow-Wow. Students got to experience American Indian culture first hand.

What a fun time with friends!


American Education Week: Parent’s Day

Happy Parent’s Day! Thank you for your support everyday! We are partners in your child’s success and I appreciate everything you do! Here’s a peek into an average day in our third grade classroom:

8:00-8:27 Students enter the classroom and eat their breakfast
Morning work choices are usually reading, writing, or technology

8:27-8:37 We watch the morning announcements and hold a class meeting where we greet each other and talk about our day

8:38-9:00 S.O.A.R.

9:00-10:25 Math
Our math class includes a whole-group lesson, guided small group lessons, and time for independent practice.

10:27-10:57 Recess

10:57-11:27 Lunch

11:27-1:35 English Language Arts
Our ELA block includes a whole-group reading lesson, a read aloud, conventions and/or cursive handwriting practice, a whole-group writing lesson, and Daily 5/Guided Reading time.

1:35-2:15 Specials

2:15-3:10 Social Studies/Science

I hope you enjoyed this look into our classroom. We appreciate you!

1st Quarter Awards 2017-2018

I am so proud of how hard each of my students has worked this quarter! They are a great group of students, and I’m looking forward to a great year!

Here are the awards for the 1st quarter:

Honor Roll: Grayson, Eric, Abbey, & Daniela

Hardest Worker: Mason
Happy HAWKs: Bryson & Gabby

Merit Roll: Mason, Chaffic, Joshua, Arianna, Bryson, Lance, Juliann, Colin, Aaron, & Conner

Perfect Attendance: Mason, Chaffic, Joshua, Grayson, Lance, Kimberly, & Aaron

Never Been Absent (NBA Award): Grayson, Lance, Kimberly, and Aaron

Math fact fluency is a very important skill in 3rd grade. I am very proud of the five students who have achieved 100% fluency with their addition and subtraction facts on Reflex.

Joshua, Lance, Grayson, Eric, & Aaron

Reading comprehension is also a very important skill for our students. AR provides a way for students to take practice reading quizzes and earn points. All students are working toward AR reading goals. I am very proud of the top five AR point earners in our class for the first quarter.

  1. Eric – 188.4 points
  2. Daniela – 30.8 points
  3. Aaron – 27.7 points
  4. Lance – 26.8 points
  5. Abbey – 20.9 points

Top 5 AR Point Earners for Ms. Masters’s Class

Congratulations to each of these students!

Hot Stuff Science Unit

We just wrapped up a unit on heat in science class. First students investigated why some objects on the playground felt hotter than other objects. Then students experimented with different colors of paper in the sun. They put black and white paper around their hands and tested which one got hotter. They wrote down their observations. We also used thermometers to test the temperature difference under black and white paper in the sun and in the shade.

Later, students were challenged to build a solar oven that could cook a s’more. We went over the rules of the challenge and then started the engineering design process. Students imagined and planned before they started building their solar oven.





Then students built their solar oven. We took it outside and tested it with a piece of chocolate to see how it worked. Some students realized they needed to make some changes to their design to make it more effective.

After making improvements to their designs, we took the solar ovens outside again the next day. Students made their s’mores and then ate them! Yum!

Ask your student what they learned about heat and solar energy from this fun unit!

Reading Parade and Character Dress-Up Day 2017

The 2017 Holsenbeck Elementary Reading Parade was held on August 18. Students who read 10 books during the summer marched in the parade. It was a fun celebration of reading!

HES Reading Rocks Parade: Characters Welcome

After the parade, our class went back into our classroom for book character presentations. Students dressed as their favorite character and gave a presentation as that character. The students did a great job with their presentations. You can watch your child’s presentation in Seesaw.