American Education Week: Parent’s Day

Happy Parent’s Day! Thank you for your support everyday! We are partners in your child’s success and I appreciate everything you do! Here’s a peek into an average day in our third grade classroom:

8:00-8:27 Students enter the classroom and eat their breakfast
Morning work choices are usually reading, writing, or technology

8:27-8:37 We watch the morning announcements and hold a class meeting where we greet each other and talk about our day

8:38-9:00 S.O.A.R.

9:00-10:25 Math
Our math class includes a whole-group lesson, guided small group lessons, and time for independent practice.

10:27-10:57 Recess

10:57-11:27 Lunch

11:27-1:35 English Language Arts
Our ELA block includes a whole-group reading lesson, a read aloud, conventions and/or cursive handwriting practice, a whole-group writing lesson, and Daily 5/Guided Reading time.

1:35-2:15 Specials

2:15-3:10 Social Studies/Science

I hope you enjoyed this look into our classroom. We appreciate you!