Hot Stuff Science Unit

We just wrapped up a unit on heat in science class. First students investigated why some objects on the playground felt hotter than other objects. Then students experimented with different colors of paper in the sun. They put black and white paper around their hands and tested which one got hotter. They wrote down their observations. We also used thermometers to test the temperature difference under black and white paper in the sun and in the shade.

Later, students were challenged to build a solar oven that could cook a s’more. We went over the rules of the challenge and then started the engineering design process. Students imagined and planned before they started building their solar oven.





Then students built their solar oven. We took it outside and tested it with a piece of chocolate to see how it worked. Some students realized they needed to make some changes to their design to make it more effective.

After making improvements to their designs, we took the solar ovens outside again the next day. Students made their s’mores and then ate them! Yum!

Ask your student what they learned about heat and solar energy from this fun unit!

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