1st Quarter 2016

I’m sorry this post is a little bit late, but I don’t think it’s ever too late to look back at all the fun and learning of the year.

Besides the state standards for third grade, we also focus on 21st century skills in my classroom such as collaboration and appropriate technology use. Here are some examples of students using technology and working collaboratively. Visit our class website or Seesaw to see some of the finished products!

My students have also been forming great relationships with their kindergarten reading buddies in Mrs. King’s class. They read together at least once a month, and Mrs. King’s class has visited our class to see our finished projects.

After learning about Ancient Greece in Social Studies, we moved on to studying heat in Science. Mrs. Mauney, our student teacher, conducted multiple experiments as students investigated how thermal energy moves. In these pictures, students are collecting data on how solar radiation and different colors affect temperature.

Finally, we began a Pollution Solution Project-Based Learning Unit. As our entry event, students collected data on the litter and pollution on our school campus. This trash bag contains all the litter they found on the playground!