3rd Grade Words of Wisdom

2014-2015 Pic Collage

This week, I asked my students to write their “3rd Grade Words of Wisdom” using this end-of-the-year writing activity from Lucky Little Learners. Here are their responses:

In 3rd grade you will learn…

  • about historical figures/ famous Americans
  • a lot
  • multiplication and division
  • about presidents
  • to write in cursive
  • to do Math Masters
  • wisdom

Our teacher loves it when…

  • we pay attention in class
  • we listen quietly
  • we are very good
  • we work hard
  • I get 100 AR points
  • we all bring our spelling list to school for our spelling test
  • we follow directions
  • we work quietly
  • we work or play together

My favorite part about 3rd grade is…

  • doing cool crafts in SCOPE
  • playing dodgeball at recess
  • the last week of school and party
  • meeting new friends
  • learning
  • the AR 100+ point party
  • doing book rotations
  • drinking milk at breakfast
  • getting awards for passing Math Masters levels
  • playing on the keyboards in music
  • playing outside at recess
  • eating pizza at lunch
  • reading and Daily 5
  • seeing my friends