What a Great Group of Kids!

I just have to take a moment to brag on my students.  The students in my class are so respectful and hard working!  They’ve also made significant progress this year. As we end the first grading period, I just wanted to highlight a few impressive statistics.

AR is the Accelerated Reader program.  It awards points to students based on how well they do on reading comprehension tests.  Students select their own books, read them, and then take the tests to show that they comprehended what they read.  As a class, my students have passed 218 quizzes altogether!  They also have a class total of more than 500 points!  That is amazing!

Reflex is an online math facts fluency program.  Unlike AR, students can use Reflex at school or at home.  Students LOVE using the program.

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So far this year, my students have solved more than 72,000 total facts on Reflex!  Our class average for the percentage of facts that are fluent is currently 70%!  This is especially impressive considering the starting fluency average was 24%–that’s amazing growth! Additionally, four students are already 100% fluent with their addition and subtraction facts and are now working on multiplication and division.  Way to go Ken, Luke, Tori, and Colter!

I’m so proud of all of my students and the amazing progress they have made so far! I can’t wait to see how much more they grow during the rest of the year!

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