Purchasing Apps

Unlike personal Apple devices, the rules for purchasing and distributing apps within a school setting is entirely different.  Please read through the following guidelines and procedures prior to purchasing any apps for district-owned devices.

First, let’s start with what you should and shouldn’t do, just to get it out of the way:

shoppingcart DO NOT BUY iTUNES CARDS!!

  • There isn’t accountability using this method in case of an audit, plus this isn’t the “legal” way to purchase apps in a school setting.

  • If you have more than one mobile device, even if they all use the same account, you MUST purchase 1 app/book for EACH device.


  • If an app has gone free, go to the VPP store and purchase it there!! Future proof your school by purchasing copies to cover future devices purchases.
 shoppingcart So, how DO you purchase apps and books???GET A VPP LOGIN ACCOUNT

  • A VPP account is for Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program Store for Education.  Anyone can visit the store, but you must have a validated login to purchase apps for distribution.  Regular iTunes accounts cannot be used in the VPP store.
  • VPP accounts MUST be created by the district’s VPP Account Manger. If you’re unsure if your school has a VPP account, please contact Caroline Bucky-Beaver (caroline.bucky).
  • Volume Program Purchase credit can only be purchased through Apple and in ANY denomination!!
How to Purchase VPP CreditTo purchase funds that will be used in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program store, you will need to submit a PO directly to Apple for Volume Purchase Program Credit. Unlike the old “vouchers”, which had to be purchased in specific denominations, you can now purchase credit in any amount. Instead of receiving a card via FedEx, you will receive a redemption code via email within 24 hours.  Your VPP administrator then logs into the VPP store and redeems the code, which credits your account with the funds.

1. Create a PO – Apple is the vendor
2. Item Description – Volume Purchase Program Credit
3. Part # – D6701Z/A
4. Desired amount to purchase – Unless you have a flat amount of funds that you’re going use in the VPP store, Go to the VPP store and price out the apps you want.  Keep in mind that the price of apps does change though!
5. Email Address (REQUIRED) – Apple requires that you submit the email address that is used to log into the VPP store instead of a personal email address.  If you don’t know how to access the email account of the VPP email address, please contact Caroline Bucky-Beaver or Kevin McCage.
6. Once Apple has received the PO, a link to redeem the voucher code should be emailed within 24 hours
7. Access the email linked to the VPP account and click the link in the email, which will take you to a site where you will gain access to your code.
8. Log into this site with your VPP credentials and get the redemption code.
9. Log in to the VPP store and redeem the funds using the voucher code received via email.  Make your purchases.

And for those who prefer a more visual approach to explanations, myself included:

Steps to Apple VPP Program