Evaluating Apps



With all of the apps available out there, finding the right apps that will become your “essential” ones can be a daunting task.  But how do you determine what makes an app essential?  Below you’ll find resources and tools that you can use to evaluate apps to make the best decisions for your students and to make educated choices when purchasing apps.


Evaluating iPad Apps

The rubrics on the right were collected from the following sources.  Please visit them for further evaluation information.
The following links are to folders and documents in Google Drive that contain rubrics from the sources listed on the left:


Quick Tips!

1. Try the free version
Granted, not all apps have a free version, but if one you are interested in DOES have a free version, then try it out first. Typically, it will either have ALL of the features along with ads or will be ad-free but some of the features will be disabled. Either way, you’ll get a pretty good idea if the app has any merit.

2. Google it for reviews
Google the name of the app along with the some of the following terms in combination. For example, if the name of the app is “Fun”, then try searching for:

fun and reviews
fun app and reviews
fun app education
fun app k12
fun app k-12

3. Check YouTube

If you still don’t have a feel for the app, try checking YouTube. Sometimes the company or individuals will create demonstrations to show you how the app will work.

iPad App Evaluation for the Classroom