Mobile Devices

Devices That Are Not Compatible

Devices (handheld or laptop) must be able to connect to a WPA2 Enterprise wireless network in order to be considered a compatible BYOT device.
Currently, the following types of devices and/or operating systems are not currently useable on our wireless network:
  • Windows Home Operating Systems (XP, Vista, 7, etc)
  • Kindle E-Reader devices (other than Kindle Fire HD)
  • Nook Devices
  • Nintendo DS, 3DS
  • Playstation Vita
Some laptops come installed with a 3rd-party wireless configuration utility that configures the wireless adapter in place of the Windows operating system.  In some cases, these are compatible with our wireless network security requirements. Examples are laptops produced by Lenovo or Dell, but not all may support WPA2 Enterprise.

Compatible Devices

The following brands of devices are commonly compatible with our wireless access.  Before you purchase a device, ask if it is compatible with WPA-2 Encryption Wifi.  The Barrow County School System is providing this list for your information.  It should not be considered an endorsement of the products listed below.  Tablets work best in a BYOT environment, but are not required to participate in BYOT.
  • Apple / iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, etc)
  • Android Devices Versions 4.0 or newer (Nexus / Samsung phones and tablets)
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Chromebooks

Students connect their device to the school’s Wi-Fi through a designated username and password, which will be supplied by participating classroom teachers.   

Make sure devices have a camera and a microphone.