BYOT Docs & Quick Facts

  • The use of student-owned devices in the BCSS is governed by the following terms:

    • Users will abide by all provisions of the school system’s AUP, BYOT Regulation, and Responsible Use of Technology agreements.
    • Students accept FULL responsibility for their device.  The school system will not be held responsible for any physical damage, loss or theft of property or data.
    • The school system will not provide access to power to charge devices.
    • Students will use the Internet access provided by the school system.
    • Technical support for configuring personal devices will not be provided.
    • Classroom use of student devices is at the discretion of individual teachers.
  • Q. Is there a list of FAQs about BYOT?

    A. Yes, please visit the BYOT Parent Presentation Page and click through the slides to view the most common FAQs about the BYOT program.