A Few Ways to Use Explain Everything & App Smashing


I’ll preface this post by letting you know that Explain Everything is NOT a free app, but it IS inexpensive and available on iOS and Android tablets.  Although there is a cost attached, what you should focus on is the idea of using multiple apps to create ONE final product.

Ever since I attended an iPad class with Greg Kulowiec (@gregkulowiec ) of EdTechTeacher back in June of 2013, I’ve started stalking his Twitter posts. He (re)introduced an app called Explain Everything to our class and I’ve been amazed by the possibilities.  He regularly Tweets ideas for how to use it, a few of which I’ve added below.

One thing that you’ll notice is that Greg rarely mentions the use of Explain Everything on its own.  He’s always using it in conjunction with another app (or two), which is known as “App Smashing”, to create a final product using content produced and refined in several apps.

If you’re on Twitter, Gredg someone you definitely want to follow.  If you’re not on Twitter and you’re an iPad user, he’s a reason to join!!  Plus, check out his blog for more great ideas on how to use iPads.

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