Forsyth BYOT One-Day Tour: Showcasing Student Work

Our schools take pride in showcasing student work in the halls for other students, parents, visitors, and colleagues to enjoy.  What better way to take that practice to the next level than by adding video or audio to enhance the visual representation.  During our BYOT tour QR codes often accompanied posted student work.  Even though there are signs that give you an idea of what you’ll find by scanning the code, it’s a little like opening a surprise gift because you never know what you’ll see, hear, or read.   Here are a few examples of what we experienced, along with the content from the QR code.

Boy who cried wolf

Audio reading from the QR code and image

bats“After reading 3 different nonfiction texts about bast, students compared how the three texts presented the information about bats. Students then used the information from the three texts to create a presentation about bats using Wixie.


Click the image to view the Wixie presentation.

figurativelanguageFigurative Language – Buckle Down (video)

Assignment Description: After reading From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons, students created Wixie projects to explain what they had learned about the plant life cycle.

Life Cycle of a Plant (Wixie Presentation)wixie-plant


change bedtimeThe standard for this student’s writing is on the right along with the embedded file of her audio recording. frog standards
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7th Grade Biology – Fish Odor Syndrome (Glogster)