Quizlet – Flaschards for the 21st Century

Quizlet-logoFlashcards? lashcards? Yep, I had my students use flashcards for years when I taught French. They served their purpose and they still do. However, Quizlet is a website and universal app that takes flashcards into the 21st Century – with style.

At its core, Quizlet is set up to allow individual students and teachers to create sets of flashcards. Once the set of cards is complete, students then have the opportunity to practice the terms using a variety of activities. For a look at each type of activity, click on the bold-faced term.

  • Flashcards – Traditional activity of flipping the digital card from the term to its answer
  • Learn – Students type the term given the definition or they can define the term. The activity tracks progress and also provides students with a “give up” option if they don’t know. However, to continue, they must type the answer.
  • Speller – This activity provides the definition and the term is provided via audio. The students must then spell the term. The score is tracked.
  • A+Test – A test consisting of fill in the blank, matching, true false and multiple choice questions are automatically generated. The test can be customized and also printed.
  • Scatter – Is a timed activity where you are matching the term with its definition by dragging one on top of the other.
  • Space Race – Another game activity where you, “kill the scrolling words by typing in their corresponding term and pressing enter. You may kill them in any order, but make sure they don’t scroll past the screen”.

Not all activities may be available on a mobile device, but most of the functionality that is available from a computer, can be done from mobile devices.

What makes Quizlet even more impressive are the number of existing sets of card stacks, which are freely available. You can’t search for card sets created by teachers without a premium membership, but any you find can be copied and edited to your own account and there are many useful sets.

Students will need an email address to register and they can use their Barrow Google Apps account to do so. Here is the information on how that works. Students who are under the age of 13 will need to submit a parent’s email address. For further restrictions on accounts of children under 13, please see Quizlet’s information page.

Want to try out Quizlet from a student’s perspective? Try the following login:
Username: sally_sample
Password: barrow14

Ready to try Quizlet for yourself? Go to Quizlets home page and click Sign Up in the upper right corner. Create yourself an account from scratch or login with your Google or Facebook account.

Quizlet Overview in 58 Seconds