BCSS Sites

iPress Portal Sites are listed below based on most recently updated.  As sites update, this list will change accordingly, with the most recently updated site appearing at the top.  You can use the search field to locate a site.


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BCSS Sites
Ms. Stapleton & Mrs. Frazier's Class
Having fun in 4th grade!
STEAM Barrow
Engaging & Empowering Learning
BCSS Professional Learning
Mrs. Akins' Fabulous First Graders
Fun in first grade....
Mrs. Coker's 3rd Grade
Your go to place to find out 3rd grade information
student design & printing
Student run design and printing services at Sims Academy
Mrs. Fink's EIP Blog
EIP class
Mrs. Durkin's 3rd Grade Class
A look inside our classroom.
Ms. Costa's 2nd Grade Classroom
Fun times in second grade
Introduction to Digital Technology
Just another BCSS Wordpress Portal site
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