As announced at the Barrow County Board of Education work session on January 3rd, the old Russell Middle School campus at 84 West Midland Ave is being upcycled in partnership with ArtsNow Learning and others as a new “Center For Innovative Teaching”.  The CFIT campus will house many new educational experiences for teachers, students, and community members as it brings together a multitude of existing projects and partnerships together under one roof.

A wide range of soon-to-occur opportunities are planned for the first phase of the campuses new life. Expect to see some new professional development opportunities and student/teacher workshops arriving this summer taking place at CFIT.  This fall, we anticipate several standards-based and Arts-Integrated field trip opportunities to open up to students and teachers of upper elementary and middle grades.  As the programs build and the facility is transformed, more and more innovative opportunities from not only within our school system, but also from our STEAMmates and Partners in Education will be added to menu.

One of the first public events to be hosted in the Center will be the Visual Arts Gallery of the BCSS Fine Arts Festival. We are excited to share that each of our 14 schools will have their own dedicated Visual Art Gallery from March 20th to March 31st.  These galleries showcasing the talent and creativity of students from all across our county are sure to amaze.

Locating the Center for Innovative Teaching is as simple as a Google Search now that it has been added to Google Maps.  You can also see for yourself how the campus is transforming from its previous life as Russell Middle School with a “street view” series of photospheres that are connected to the location on Google Maps and is embedded below in this post.

Expect to continue to hear more about this exciting new venture and resource available to all our students of the Barrow County School System.  If you have specific questions about CFIT, please email the STEAM Integration Coordinator or leave a comment here.