As part of a Project-Based Learning (PBL) unit developed over the summer by Sabrina Masters, Jan Moore, and Allison Turner, third grade students at Holsenbeck Elementary School participated in a live-streaming session with Plant Manager of Solvay, an international chemical company with a plant location here in Winder.

Incorporating grade level standards from social studies, science, math, and ELA, the PBL summary reads,

Students will research how different levels of government are working together to combat pollution. Students will interview experts from different levels of government in their community and see how pollution affects their environment. Students will also be able to conduct experiments in order to observe various pollution types present in their community. After researching and measuring the amount of pollution their community, students will create a recommendation to send to various government officials to raise awareness and propose solutions to reduce pollution.”

The PBL incorporated both individual and team products aimed at assessing student growth and mastery of the content standards and success skills.

Solvay is a wonderful STEAMmate of the Barrow County School System, and is very open to working with any of our students.  Please contact the STEAM Integration Specialist, Lee Bane, if you are interested in making a connection with Solvay.

Check out the Pollution Solution session with the HES 3rd graders as they interact with Mr. Vogt.