For a second year, our Earth and Environmental Science STEAMmates at the Stone Mountain Memorial Foundation have shared their time and expertise with our 6th grade Earth Science students through a series of three live-streaming sessions.  The three sessions focused on plate tectonics, the rock cycle/types of rocks, and weathering as they directly relate to the geologic beauty that is Stone Mountain.

Archives of the three live streaming sessions from this year can be found on the BCSS STEAM Integration Channel of YouTube.


Plate Tectonics (partial recording)

The Rock Cycle/Types of Rocks



A fourth Stone Mountain Earth Science live-streaming session is being planned for the spring on April 25th focused on the old Stone Mountain Granite Quarry.  If you are interested in live-streaming sessions or other possible connections with our STEAMmates from Stone Mountain, please contact the BCSS STEAM Integration Coordinator.