4th grade social studies standard SS4H1 indicates that students will describe how early Native American cultures developed in North America, locate where Native Americans settled with emphasis on the Arctic (Inuit), Northwest (Kwakiutl), Plateau (Nez Perce), Southwest (Hopi), Plains (Pawnee), and Southeast (Seminole), and describe how Native Americans used their environment to obtain food, clothing, and shelter.

The team at Yargo Elementary requested some STEAM support to enhance their social studies unit and make this standard come alive for their students. So, for an authentic experience, their five 4th grade classes took part in a live streaming session with two members of the Pawnee Nation Office of Historic Preservation, Herb Adson and John Michael Knife Chief.  Through this live connection from Pawnee, Oklahoma students were able to ask questions about Pawnee life, culture, and heritage, and in return, get authentic Pawnee perspectives of both pre-1870 life in their original homelands of Nebraska and post-1870 life after the Pawnee were relocated to reservations in Oklahoma.

We thank Mr. Herb and John Michael for speaking with us and giving our teachers and students such a personal and meaningful opportunity to learn a little bit about what it means to be Pawnee.  They are truly Chaticks-si-Chaticks, and we look forward to spending more time speaking with them in the future.