3rd Graders at Auburn Elementary School are experiencing the heat-related elements of Science Standard S3P1 (as well as a few integrated GSE Math and ELA Standards) through the lens of a Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit developed over the summer by Mrs. MaryAnn McCoy and Mrs. Michelle Fowler.  This PBL places students in various project team roles as they create a kid-friendly playground.

PBL essential design elements

For a quick overview of this PBL Unit and to see how it utilizes the seven Essential Design Elements of Gold Standard PBL to address key knowledge, understanding, and success skills, check out the slideshow below.


Special guest, Joe Della Torre, owner of Oconee Creative Playscapes helped launch these students into the project by sharing his expertise as a professional playground designer and installer.  Mr. Della Torre shared his insight on materials, safety regulations, and other playground trade secrets with the students that they will be able to use as they continue towards answering their PBL Driving Question, “How do we keep from getting our booties burned on the playground?”

If you are interested in enhancing any of your classroom experiences through these Essential Design Elements of PBL, contact the BCSS STEAM Integration Coordinator, Lee Bane.  It would be my pleasure to serve and support you.