5th graders in Laura Payne’s science classes at Statham Elementary have been learning about animal and plant cells as part of Life Science Standard S5L3.  

The students created animal cells in plastic bags and chose different objects to represent the organelles.  Then they decided to step it up a notch for plant cells and design digital 3D models of them using Tinkercad, a web-based 3D design and printing application.  The students had the opportunity to design their cells manipulating shapes of their choice that they felt best modeled a plant cell.  Once completed, the students were able to send their custom design files to the 3D printer for creation.

Check out the student creations and comments below.


“3D printing a cell, using tinkercad.com is super fun.  They have lots of shapes and text that you can use to create anything you want.  It is also really cool to see when it is finished.”  – Sarah P.

“Tinkercad.com is really fun because you can build a lot of cool stuff.  It’s also fun because once you’re done creating what you want, you can 3D print it.  It ha a whole bunch of cool shapes and I think a lot of people will like it!”  – Alexis P


“I thought tinkercad.com was fun to use and sometimes the pieces would go under the platform.  I love how it came out of the 3D printer.  The texture felt really cool.”- Haley S.

“I liked 3D printing because it was a fun challenge.  It was also really cool to watch it print.” –Alex M.

“I always like 3D printing, especially using tinkercad.  Printing stuff is super fun!” –Logan B.


If you are interested in integrating one of the three BCSS STEAM 3D Printers into an upcoming unit with your students, just contact the STEAM Integration Coordinator.