From time to time, I get teacher requests for raw cotton straight from the field for students to see and feel as part of a classroom activity.   My online search to find a stable supply to meet these teacher requests led me to Chris Chammoun and the Georgia Cotton Commission.  Chris had no raw cotton on hand that he could send our way, but he did sent me a cotton kit and directions for how each of our school’s can request their own cotton kit to be housed in the Media Center for checkout.

Here is a pictorial unboxing of the kit that you too can get if you are interested or plan to teach a lesson/unit related to the economics, science, or history related to cotton.

As you can see, I have received my complimentary Ga Cotton Commission box.  Any of you are welcome to borrow this one for your upcoming unit that incorporates the story of Cotton in Georgia.  I would also encourage you to request a box for your own school to be housed in your media center as a much more accessible resource.  As soon as I locate a source for raw cotton for each of you, I will share that as well.  Hopefully, this will do until then.