BCSS is currently planning its 2016-2017 Farm to School opportunities would love to hear from all of you that are interested in integrating projects involving school gardens, farming, cooking, local produce, organics, etc.  Projects can vary widely and grant assistance is available to help fund your Farm to School imagination.  Here are some local examples of 2015-16 Farm to School successes.

  • Ms. Edwards and Ms. Wadsworth at Yargo Elementary applied for and received a $5000 grant from Smuckers Foodservice to begin a garden at their school.
  • Auburn Elementary won an award from Smuckers for a Root Viewer project.
  • Apalachee High School was named one of the Georgia Grown Test Kitchens.   Once a month Ms. Mary prepares a recipe of fresh fruit or veggies from local farmers and students have a taste test to decide whether it should be added to the menu.

Hands-on experiences with students include such possibilities as shucking corn, shelling peas, picking strawberries, apples, peaches, taste testing fresh locally fruits and vegetables, and growing and harvesting food that can be prepared and served in the school cafeteria.  Many of these opportunities can be easily aligned  to grade level standards in both earth and life science.  Some great curriculum connections have already been created for you through Georgia Organics.

Northeast Georgia has a strong Farm to School network that began with a pilot in Habersham County.  They have a very active blog from which you can draw wonderful inspiration.

Check out this cooking example from a  Habersham classroom. 

Many elementary and middle grades science, mathematics, and social studies standards related to phases of matter; heat and energy transfer, physical and chemical changes; harmful versus beneficial microorganisms; weather and climate; measurement, fractions and proportional reasoning; and economic understandings such as local goods and services, trade, productivity, specialization, and price could be very easily integrated through Farm to School activities such as the cooking experience above.

Support to incorporate Farm to School in your classroom and align it to your own personal STEAM-integrated units is available to you.  If you are interested or would like more details, just get in touch with us


Nicole Trunk, School Nutrition Coordinator nicole.trunk@barrow.k12.ga.us

Lee Bane, STEAM Integration Specialist, lee.bane@barrow.k12.ga.us