Makey Makeys have arrived!  There are four deluxe kits in each of the STEAM  Trunks at our elementary schools and we also have eight additional Makey Makey Deluxe Kits available for checkout by anyone in the school system wishing to incorporate them into an upcoming lesson or unit.  But what is a Makey Makey?

Here is a quick 2 minute promo video to get you started.

Ah, but as some of you are already thinking, there is much more than fun and games here.

You can dig into some basic, but cool lesson plans inside the Makey Makey website.

Looking for a quick step-by-step “How to” guide to get started?  Try here.

If you’re more of a “Go-Big-Or-Go-Home” kind of person looking to jump right into a full out project or professional development activity?  This is the spot for you.

Perhaps you just want to see how this could be done in a Barrow school classroom with Barrow students.  We have that covered as well.  5th Grade students in Mrs. Laura Payne’s classroom at Statham Elementary upcycled some old tissue boxes into plant cell models, then by applying some engineering design to their Life Science Standards to some Makey Makey technology understanding about circuits, inputs, outputs, and switches,  they were able to create their own Plant Cell Operation game.  Here is a little sneak peak.

To try out the actual student-created Plant Cell Operation games and personally talk with the students about this project, come see their booth at the upcoming BCSS 2016 K-8 Student STEAM Showcase.

Interested yet? Go grab a Makey Makey from your school’s STEAM Trunk or contact the STEAM Integration Coordinator to check out some Makey Makeys and add a little STEAM to your next unit.

If you are looking for some more local expertise, our BCSS Teacher Leader in the area of STEAM, Gretchen Hilley, will be incorporating Makey Makey into her next Model Lesson.  You can register for that right here.