Through a generous donation from the Georgia Power Foundation to the STEAM Program, each elementary school now has an official STEAM Trunk!  These heavy duty, mobile boxes have a 50-gallon capacity and have built in locks for safety and security – not to mention some pretty sweet decals provided by the Bear Creek Middle School Makerspace.



But wait, there’s more!

Check out what’s on the inside…

20 – Roborobo Level 1 Kits & Workbooks

Robot Kit 1

20 – Roborobo “Danger Zone” 5th Grade Robotics Module Workbooks


4 – Makey Makey Deluxe Kits

makey makey deluxe kit

2 – Digital Calipers

digital calipers

1 – Microsoft HD Webcam


4 – Windows 7 Laptops with Rogic, Lego Robotics, Sketchup, and Makerbot 3D Printing Software

As more STEAM-integration resources are acquired for teachers and students to use at the elementary level, these STEAM Trunks should do a fine job of organizing, storing, and protecting them.

Every teacher at each of our schools should know that they have full access to all of the tools and resources found inside their school’s STEAM Trunk.  Should you or your colleagues think of any other great additions to the trunk that could add a little STEAM punch to their lessons or units, please email the STEAM Integration Coordinator, or leave a comment below.


Future Blog posts on how to integrate the Makey Makey and other tools inside the STEAM Trunks. However, if you just can’t wait, just send me an email, and I’ll come to you.