Second grade students at Statham Elementary are beginning to work on their spring garden plots.  To get some special insight about some possible plants,  and to learn more about what how their small school garden could lead them into the exciting worlds of horticulture and plant science, they paid a virtual visit to the Sims Academy Greenhouse.  During the tour of the greenhouse, associates (students) of the Sims Academy Plant Sciences Program gave the second graders brief descriptions of the various types of plants that they were growing in their greenhouse for their annual Spring Plant Sale.  They also took many questions from the elementary students about how to care for the plants, how to identify and prevent plant diseases, and how to distinguish one type of plant from another.

Dr. Terry Ensley and his associates did a great job engaging the younger students and answering their questions.  To see what went on, check out the video recording of the session below.

As you may have heard Dr. Ensley mention, these plants are all part of the Sims Spring Plant Sale that is open to all students, teachers, parents, and any other members of the public.  To see what these plants would like once they mature, the General Horticulture students have put together this short video.

If you see something you like and are interested in purchasing some of these plants fro your own class or home garden, a price sheet for the Sims Plant Sale is available below.