Our rock and mineral loving friends from UGA have broken a BCSS STEAM Zoom session record by simultaneously engaging with over 450 students at one time.  The UGA Geology Club President, Tony Moraes, was such a success in his first live streaming session a couple weeks ago, that requests poured in from teachers for a followup session.  Graciously, he was happy to join us for a second round of clay-based fun.  Tony is a third-year student at UGA whose geology studies currently focus on clay, and the affects of various farming practices on soil composition and erosion.  Tony noticed the 3rd graders keen interest in volcanos during his pervious Zoom session, and so for a special treat, he invited UGA Professor and volcano expert, Dr. Michael Roden.  The 3rd graders had an especially good time putting Dr. Roden on the hot seat with a multitude of great volcano questions!

If you weren’t able to get in on the action live, you can watch the entire session recording below, which is also available on the BCSS STEAM Integration YouTube Channel.


If you are looking for a higher education, career exploration, or other “real world” Zoom enhancement to add to your classroom environment, please reach out to the STEAM Integration Coordinator.  I’d love to create a connection for you.