Through the guidance of their school-level Digital Coach, fifth grade students at Yargo Elementary have taken the lead on an engaging school-wide project integrating technology with ELA reading and writing.  

The fifth graders each created a mitten and a written description to go along with it. The mittens were then placed throughout the school for students in other grade levels to locate using the description provided.  Through a Google Form linked to a QR code accompanying each lost mitten, the fifth grade students were able to see in real-time when their mittens are “found”.

 Younger students from the lower graders have logged close to 400 entries on the Google sheet.  At the end of each day during the project, the fifth graders call up the responses spreadsheet to see who all has found their mittens.  Afterwards, each mitten’s owner has their picture taken with the students who found their mittens, along with the mitten of course.  The photos are then featured on one of the school’s social media pages.

To get support for similar SAMR-related technology-integrated projects like this for your students, contact your school’s digital coach, the system Instructional Technology Coordinator, or the system STEAM Integration Coordinator.