In a STEAM-integrated project combining their 3rd grade life science standards involving habitats (S3L1) with their mathematics standards involving area and perimeter (3.MD.7 & 3.MD.8), students in Mrs. Edwards’ class at Statham Elementary School are designing zoo exhibits.  These exhibits should be the appropriate size and shape for the animals and contain the proper elements of their natural habitat.  To help them do this accurately and carry out their assignment as true professionals, we set them up with up a Zoom session with professional Zoo Designer, Nevin Lash from the Ursa International Zoo Design Firm in Atlanta.  Mr. Lash and the 3rd graders spent about 40 minutes reviewing some of the exhibits that Ursa International has designed, answering numerous zoo design and animal habitat questions, and discussing the students’ personal plans that they are working on for their project. Feel free to review their session below, and integrate the content into your own instructional plans if you like.

In a followup with Mr. Lash, he had the following things to say about interacting with our 3rd grade zoo designers, “I thoroughly enjoyed it!  These kids were more involved and interested than any of the dozens of college seminars that I have done before.  Ms. Edwards had them prepped and ready to ask good questions and thank me in the end.  I was very impressed.”

If you find yourself looking for an expert in the field to add some real world insight or relevance to any of the projects that you are planning for your own students, please reach out to the Barrow STEAM Integration Specialist.  I’d love to serve you and your students.