Statham Elementary 5th grade ELA teacher, Mrs. Lancaster, was looking for a way for her students to get some insight from a real author that would catch their attention and keep them engaged.  So, they had a Zoom session with the author of the Scary School book series, Derek Taylor Kent.  Mr. Kent writes the Scary School books through the eyes of his pseudonym, Derek the Ghost.    Be sure to visit the author’s website for more information about his books.

The Statham Elementary Students had some great questions prepared for the author and he delivered some wonderful answers for any students interested in honing their writing skills or maybe even looking to become a published author.  Check out the 40 minute session embedded here on the Barrow STEAM Blog or on the Barrow STEAM Integration YouTube Channel.

This session would be great for teachers to review, but is even better for sharing with your young writers no matter what age.  If you have an idea for a unique guest that you would like to Zoom into your room and interact with your students, please contact the STEAM Integration Coordinator.  I’d love to help you.