BCSS K-8 Student STEAM Showcase

BCSS Professional Development Center

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

5:00pm – 7:00pm

Our Barrow BOLD students and teachers have been Building Our Learning Differently all year, and the upcoming Student STEAM Showcase is an opportunity to let our students demonstrate just how engaging and empowering their learning has been.

Focusing on the integrated components of STEAM, such as Cross-Curricular Connections, Project-Based Learning, Instructional Technology Integration, The 4 C’s of 21st Century Skills, The Maker Movement, Scientific & Engineering Practices, Fine Arts Integration, and Virtual Collaboration, the showcase will consist of project teams of three to eight students presenting either a unit, lesson, activity, or tool that has positively impacted their learning. Each showcase project team will have a designated table and floor space where they can explain, demonstrate, and interact with the adult showcase attendees that will be cycling through the showcase at their own pace.  


Examples of Possible Student Showcase Projects:

  • Students could demonstrate a particular mobile app that they regular use in class, share their creations, and show the adult attendees how it is used
  • Students could give a hands-on demonstration of how they build and program robots to complete challenges and apply their math and science knowledge
  • Students could proudly display their prize winning STEAM Challenge creations and describe how they worked through the Engineering Design Process to succeed while challenging attendees in a similar activity.
  • Students could display artifacts from a thematic STEAM unit and describe how they all work together to combine various content areas.
  • Students could share clips of live streaming video interactions they have had with experts outside their school, show how they incorporate those interactions into their class, and then creatively display how that has inspired them about their future.

Teachers interested in sponsoring a team are invited to submit an application that describes the project that their student team would present at the showcase.  Projects that are student-led, include clear connections to multiple content standards, and involve active student engagement with the adult showcase attendees will receive the highest consideration.  While each project should reflect actual classroom experiences, teachers are free to base their project application on anything that the students will have completed by the May 4th Showcase.  Teachers are asked to sponsor no more than two teams each.  The official application is available online at https://goo.gl/YIw3Pp.  The application process is now open until January 29th, 2016.  Teams will be notified of their selection status by February 5th.  Further details will follow, and questions can be sent to Lee Bane via email at lee.bane@barrow.k12.ga.us