The kid, the nerd, and the teacher in me cannot wait to share this site with you all.  Shout out to Mrs. Garren at WBHS for pointing me in its direction.  I highly recommend you take stroll on over to the Howtoons website and see what they have to offer.  It’s a bunch of really imaginative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects that are kid friendly and highly STEAM oriented.  It is all presented in comic book (or graphic novel for the more sophisticated) format, and really grabs your attention and interest.

What is howtoons

I have in no way exhaustively reviewed the site or its projects, but would love to hear from some of you all that would like to test some of the projects with a class or grade-level team.  I am more than willing to help locate the supplies needed.  I could also possibly find funding for those supplies if you are willing to help write up a curriculum connected unit or lesson plan that could be used to share with others.

What do your teacher eyes see in this Howtoon example below?

howtoons supersonic headset

Just for starters, I see…

1st Grade Physical Science Standard S1P1 – Students will investigate light and sound.

4th Grade Physical Science Standard S4P2 – Students will investigate how sound is produced.

7th Grade Life Science Standard S7L2 – Students will explain the purpose of the major organ systems in the human body

8th Grade Physical Science Standard S8P4 – Students will explore the wave nature of sound and electromagnetic radiation.

Take a look a few more examples from Howtoons that could definitely support some great STEAM-integrated lessons and units!


Force – Motion – Friction

howtoons hover hockey

Computer Science – Number Systems – Place Value

howtoons bitbybit

Engineering – Geometry – Strategic Tool Usage

howtoon saws poster


These are just a few of the very cool things you can find to use as the teacher or share with your students for their own independent study.  If you are interested in delving deeper with Howtoons and would like some STEAM support, just contact me at