As the STEAM Integration Coordinator for Barrow County, I have been able to secure a few tools and toys to support innovative lesson and unit development.  I don’t actually have a budget that would allow me to outfit every teacher or school with a full blown MakerSpace or Fab Lab, but I do have a couple pieces of equipment to help early adopters of STEAM pilot different ideas in order to see how they might fit into the learning environment of their classroom.  All the equipment that I have is available for check out to any Barrow teacher that would like to work with me.  I do ask that teachers understand that the check-out process is directly tied to either a specific lesson or unit plan so that the equipment doesn’t end up sitting idle waiting on a plan to develop.

If you would like to see a basic list of the STEAM equipment and resources I have available, such a document is available in our our Barrow GAFE Domain for folks logged into their google account.

Don’t forget that our partners at Oconee River GYSTC also have a number of resources that you can access as well.