Nearly thirty teams throughout the Barrow County School System answered the Call of the Wog and participated in our first ever system-wide STEAM Challenge.  Given very open parameters to research the legends and tales of Barrow County’s own mysterious monster and create whatever those stories inspired, the teams dreamed up some imaginative and impressive works of Wog Art.

Beginning their journey’s with a pamphlet provided by our BCSS STEAMmates at the Barrow County Historical Society (embedded below), the students uncovered details about the mysterious Nodoroc mud volcano located in Barrow County, and various accounts of Wog descriptions that influenced their creations.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Barrow County Commissioners, twenty-nine terrifying Wogs have lined the hallways of the Barrow County Historical Courthouse for the weeks leading up to Halloween. These Wogs were all created by teams of students in response to the Call of the Wog STEAM challenge. The appearances of the submissions varied greatly, but all were very creative.  There are two-dimensional paintings, poems, and drawings on canvas, detailed three-dimensional sculptures ranging in size from a few inches to monsters over six feet long and four feet tall that have been created. One team went beyond the third dimension and created a growling Wog, while one team created a bilingual Wog movie that can be accessed through a QR code at the exhibit.


Three trustees of the Barrow County Historical Society served as the panel of judges for the challenge and have granted the following honors…


Most Unusual Wog…          Team Super Scope Students… Holsenbeck Elementary

Most Imaginative Wog…    Team Sketch… Russell Middle

3rd Place…          Team We Are the Bestest… Russell Middle

2nd place…         Team Devil Dogs… Russell Middle

1st Place…           Team Tenacious Tigers… Auburn Elementary

The Auburn Elementary Team’s first place Wog is being moved to a permanent exhibit location within the nearby Barrow County Museum. Be sure to make a trip to see the winning Wog at our very special local Barrow County Museum.  There is no admission fee.

The BCSS Executive Cabinet invited the Student Advisory Committee to join them on a virtual tour of the exhibit.  You can view an archive of that live-stream on the BCSS STEAM Integration Youtube Channel.  It is also embedded below.