5th grade students at Statham and Holsenbeck Elementary schools were studying Henry Ford as part of a larger unit incorporating Social Standards SS5H4 and SS5H9 when they participated in a culminating live-stream session from Barrow County’s own premium handcrafted sportscar and racecar manufacturing company, Panoz.

During the live-streaming event, students were led through the Panoz showroom, museum, and production line by company engineer John Leverett.   The production line tour included up-close and behind-the-scenes views of the Panoz assembly line that is similar to the automotive assembly line that Henry Ford is famous for pioneering, but also incorporates characteristics of more advanced aircraft assembly lines.  Students freely asked questions of Mr. Leverett throughout the session and were able to make a number of curriculum connections to a local Barrow STEAM industry that many were not familiar with.

An archive of the interaction is on the Barrow STEAM Integration Youtube Channel and is embedded below.

The full text of the social studies standards incorporated into this unit are listed below.

SS5H4 The student will describe U.S. involvement in World War I and post-World War I America. a. Explain how German attacks on U.S. shipping during the war in Europe (1914- 1917) ultimately led the U.S. to join the fight against Germany; include the sinking of the Lusitania and concerns over safety of U.S. ships, U.S. contributions to the war, and the impact of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. b. Describe the cultural developments and individual contributions in the 1920s of the Jazz Age (Louis Armstrong), the Harlem Renaissance (Langston Hughes), baseball (Babe Ruth), the automobile (Henry Ford), and the airplane (Charles Lindbergh).

SS5H9 The student will trace important developments in America since 1975.


If you would like your students to experience a similar streaming session with our STEAMmates at Panoz or perhaps some other location, please contact the STEAM Integration Specialist.