Many thanks to our STEAMmates at the Barrow Regional Medical Center for their recent interactions with some of our 4th and 5th grade students at Statham and Holsenbeck Elementary.  Students were able to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the hospital laboratory led by the lab director and clinical pathologist, Nicholas Lancia, M.D.  Students were able to investigate where blood and fluid samples are taken and analyzed, where chemical analysis and testing takes place, where whole blood and serum donations are stored, and where both microbiology and gross pathology testings are conducted.

Fifth graders at Statham had previously prepared agar plates and made streak tests by swabbing various objects and areas around their school and classroom.  These were shared via the technology so that Dr. Lancia could help explain what they had growing in their plates and how plates just like what they had prepared would be analyzed in the hospital lab.  Students also used their time to ask the doctor many questions about bacteria, disease, vaccinations, microbiology, viruses, and the education required to work in the laboratory.

This session was integrated into larger thematic STEAM units at both elementary schools, and is directly aligned to science standards S5L3a, S5L3c, S5L4a, and S5L4b.

The archive of the interaction is embedded below.  If you would like to conduct a similar interaction with your students, no matter the grade level, please contact the STEAM integration specialist,