On August 12th, two classes of 4th graders from Holsenbeck and Statham Elementary Schools had a live-streaming visit to the Barrow Museum hosted by retired Winder-Barrow High School History Teacher and Barrow County Historical Society member Shadie Thompson.

The students used this interaction as part of an overarching STEAM unit where students compared and contrasted the development of Native American cultures throughout different regions of North America.  Students took cues from Curriculum Standard SS4H1 to create their own museum with artifacts, exhibits, movie trailers, and brochures featuring the food, clothing, and shelters of various Native American cultures.  Parents visited the student-created museum at the conclusion of the unit.


Here is an example of a student-created pamphlet about the Hopi Tribe.

Enjoy the following student-created movie trailer about the Nez Perce


Snapshots of students preparing for  & parents visiting on Museum Day.

If you are interested in developing a similar STEAM unit or incorporating any of the STEAM aspects of this unit, please contact the STEAM Integration Specialist or leave a comment below.