Through a new BCSS STEAM-Integrated Earth Science partnership with the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, our 6th grade Earth Science students are learning exactly what the results of plate tectonics can look like up close and personal while never leaving the comfort of their classrooms.  Using the school system’s Zoom video conferencing platform, over 350 6th grade Earth Science students from all four Barrow middle schools are able to tour the portion of the Stone Mountain Environmental Science Museum related to plate tectonics, have their individual geology questions answered by professional environmental scientists, and connect what they are learning in class directly to one of the most iconic images of this region of Georgia.

Upcoming sessions in this series will focus on Rock Types and Weathering.  You may stream the video archive of the interaction or download it below.

You can download a printable set of eight of the Stone Mountain Formation Cards that the students used during the hands-on portion of this live-stream by clicking here.

If you are interested in including connections such as this one into your own classroom instruction, please contact the BCSS STEAM Integration Specialist.