On Tuesday, June 2nd, more than a week after the last day of school, 24 fifth grade students were cheered on by over 100 parents, teachers, and community members as they participated in the inaugural system-level Roborobo Robotics Championship for Barrow County Schools.

Elementary students that completed the embedded STEM-robotics module in their classroom were invited to form teams of two to compete for the title of school-level roborobo champions.  The top two teams from each school moved on to the system-level championship.  The championship challenge focused on each team’s ability to program a solution using the robot that they had built during the school year, and every team responded to the challenge in amazing fashion.

After ninety minutes of teams furiously planning, designing, coding, testing, evaluating, measuring, calculating, revising, retesting, and repeating, three teams were crowned as the first ever Barrow County Roborobo Champions.  Many thanks to Roborobo for donating about $750 worth of robotics kits to all six members of the three winning teams.

The top three teams demonstrated their robot’s program solution to the audience showing their winning approach to the challenge.  As you can see below, they had quite a crowd.

top three demo 2

You can take a quick peek at some of the action in the video clips below.

This entire competition could not have happened without the wonderful collaboration between the Barrow County School System, The University of Georgia College of Education RAIL Outreach Program, and Roborobo, Inc.

I would also like to thank Marc Dastous, CEO of Sims Academy for hosting us, and also Curtis Mathis, Mechatronics Instructor of Sims Academy, along with many of his Sims Academy associates (students) that helped make sure that the day went smoothly.

If you have any questions or comments about STEM-Robotics Education within the Barrow County School System or Roborobo Robotics, please email the STEAM Integration Specialist or leave a comment below.