Élan Motorsports Technologies (EMT) is an industry leader with amazing  technical, manufacturing and design experts under one roof just a short drive from our schools in Braselton, GA.  An assortment of technological teams work together at EMT to create competitive race cars for both amateur and professional drivers around the world.

This week, some our Winder-Barrow and Apalachee High School Students in the Engineering Program at the Sims Academy got an introduction to EMT’s Senior Engineer, Rob Lindsey.  Rob is the lead engineer of the car at the heart of a new National Auto Sport Association Protype Racing Series, the Elan NPO1.  In this introductory Zoom conference, students got a glimpse of the similarities and differences between the engineering assignments they complete at Sims and those that take place at a world class racing technology company.  Students saw some of the same CAD programs and techniques coupled with project management practices like Gantt charts that they use in Mr. Griffing’s Engineering program.

Students prepared for the session by watching the video below about the Pattern, Mold, Part process used to design and hand make each composite carbon fiber component of the Elan race cars.

After some Q&A time with Robert in the engineering office, we had a live streamed tour of the composites shop where the process of building and repairing carbon fiber parts and panels is carried out step by step. Some of the highlights of this inttroductory session are incuded in the clip below.

This is a great start to this new STEAM partnership for Sims Academy and the Barrow County School System.  We are very excited about having Elan on board as a amazing STEAMmate.

If you are interested in connecting with Elan or establishing a unique STEAM partnership in your school or classroom, contact the Barrow STEAM Integration Specialist or leave a comment below.